Baby Carrier

Pognae Orga Plus is an All-in-One baby carrier combining the functions of a baby carrier, hipseat and hipseat carrier. This is a functional baby carrier which provides both mommies and babies satisfaction and comfort.
With this Orga Plus, you do not need to buy more products. With just simple zippers, mommies can switch between baby carrier, hipseat and hipseat carrier.

Ergonomic Technology

The perfect All-in-One that mothers dream!

Pognae Orga Plus created with the safety ergonomic design certified by IHDI. Pognae has been officially certified as a carrier brand helping the proper growth and development of babies by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI).

Pognae hipseat also told by the Head of Orthopaedic office in Korea that Pognae hipseat’s optimized seat size minimizes the hips from falling backward, forming the spine line appropriately to maintain the natural and comfortable shape.

Detailed Function

Pognae Orga Plus provides the functions of Hipseat, Baby Carrier and Hipseat Baby Carrier.

Two zippers are all you need to switch between Baby Carrier and Hipseat Carrier.

2 Years Warranty

Pognae provides 2 years warranty against manufacturing defect.

Organic Materials

Nature Premium Organic Material with Different Touch.

Pognae Orga Plus is a product made with 100% highest quality fabric which certified by Global Organic Textile Standard and Organic Exchange 100 Standard’s License No. CU827590, The International Organic Fabric Certification Standards.

ORGA Plus Product

Best rated and popular product of ORGA Plus series